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The Club was founded on the 24th of March 1954. Visiting Rotarians are most welcome to join us on Mondays at 6 pm.


We meet in our pleasant rooms at Blommenholm Båtforening (Marina), Sandviksveien 120, 1363 Høvik.

From the centre of Oslo, take the E18 Highway towards the west for approximately 12 kilometres, alternatively from Sandvika take the E18 eastwards for approximately 1,5 kilometres.

Please contact the Secretary if you wish to visit the club. Perhaps we can arrange to pick you up somewhere in the vicinity.

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Other information

E-mail address:                 2310.rk.12855@rotary.no

Postal address:                 Baerum Rotary Klubb. c/o Harald Heimdal, Nedre Ringvoll 21. 1339 Vøyenenga.                          

Club No.                             12855

District:                                2310

Country:                              NORWAY

The infromation on this Homepage is in Norwegian, but information about our India project har been translated to English. CLICK HERE

Sosiale medier


Møtested: Blommenholm båtforening
Adresse: Sandviksveien 120
Postnummer: 1322
Sted: Høvik
Land: NO
Møtedag: Mandag
Møtetid: 18:00
Møtespråk: no


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